Is the Funky Brain Business Podcast

The Funky Brain Business Podcast is a show designed for the entrepreneur to learn how to effortlessly drive bottom line growth and expansion. Dennis Berry brings his 30+ years of successful business, sales and marketing mastery to the table, along with other successful entrepreneurs and business minds, to help radically change your business... and your life.

Funky Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Life

Dennis is also a best-selling author. You can buy his book on Amazon Author and motivational speaker Dennis C. Berry delivers his witty unique spin on our turbulent world along with a groundbreaking solution to navigate it that will transform your life, settle your mind, and bring you inner peace and success beyond your wildest imagination. Funky Wisdom contains teachings from Taoism, Buddhism, and other ancient principles, along with modern day philosophy, spiritual principles, and solutions to living in todays busy world. It is a compelling program that will transform you from the inside out and leave you with a blueprint that will guide you through the rest of your life feeling happy and free. It applies to anybody looking for more inner peace, success, and happines.

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