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January 15, 2023

Read time: 4 minutes“The riches are in the niches!”Our niche, or sub-niche, is probably the most important piece of our business to really “nail down” before we start investing time and resources into it.There is a saying in the marketing world… “If you’re marketing to everybody, you are marketing to nobody.”We need to be very targeted

Defining our subniche

December 2, 2022

Read time: 4 minutesSome people think that business plans are a waste of time, but I disagree and so would MILLIONS of successful small, medium AND big business owners. There are many successful solopreneurs now who have digital courses that you may have seen and they don’t talk about the business plan, but I promise

How to Write a Solid Business Plan

November 27, 2022

Read time: 4 minutesIn this edition of The Friday Entrepreneur, we are going to discuss the best copywriting tips for perfect marketing emails.Before I start though, please note… These are awesome strategies for really diving deep into crafting a perfect email, BUT at the end of the day, this is the simple formula:A marketing email

Perfect Marketing Emails

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