Solopreneur MasterClass

Learn how to build a profitable stable 6-figure business.

Limited Seats Available

Learn 100% Proven Profit Producing Business Strategies

Finally learn how to turn your ideas into a viable business.

There is a difference between getting “likes” on your post and using Linkedin to build a profitable business model.
MOST people are struggling monetize their dreams.
We will cover it ALL in this intensive 2-day course.
This is not a “get rich quick scheme”.
This is how to build a real foundational business.

What are we going to cover in this MasterClass?

Finally learn how to properly:

You will basically earn your MBA in 2 days!

Your friends and family will wonder how you did it!


What people are saying about Dennis Berry

Sev Joy Dumaisnil

Dennis is an amazing human being with a heart of gold. His genuine care and concern for people are precious in everything he does. He possesses an exceptional ability to add value and support the growth of other leaders' businesses.

Penelope Magoulianiti

I've known Dennis Berry for nearly six months now and cannot recommend him highly enough. I have witnessed how his depth of knowledge, professionalism, and dedication can bring exceptional value to any team, project, or working one to one with him.

Yadira Santana Dowling

Dennis is so knowledgeable in his space, an hour with him provided me with so much value and clear direction for my business. He was able to provide guidance that was actionable and that I could implement right away.

Jesse Smith, MBA

Dennis Berry is a warm, caring, compassionate person who genuinely wants the best for his clients and his friends. I have known Dennis for about a year through LinkedIn, and he consistently offers positive, thoughtful, relatable messages which come from the heart.

Harry Spaight

I had the privilege of getting to know Dennis over the past year since we met on Linkedin. Dennis provides a ton of value through his positive messages and posts. We have had a few conversations and each time I walked away feeling energized and uplifted.


Not only do you get access to this exclusive limited MasterClass But you will also have free access to Dennis’s digital courses:

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There is no other class like this to learn this much without going back to college!


Friday Feb 23, 2024: 11am - 3pm US Eastern Time

Saturday Feb 24, 2024: 11am - 3pm US Eastern Time

Once registration is complete you will receive pre-class instructions and materials


You will have a 1-1 session with Dennis to get crystal clear. (There will also be a POST 1-1 session)

There is no other class to learn this much without going back to college!