Solopreneur Operating System

Build your business from idea to sale ready!

The Solopreneur Operating System is the 90-minute system proven to seamlessly build and scale your perfect online business and your dreams… with little-to-no cost… and in as little as a week.

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Who is this course for?

The SOS is for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or entrepreneurial minded individuals who are either to take the leap OR for those who have been trying but failing to succeed. 

What exactly does this course cover?

When you finish this course, you will effectively know how to:

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Dennis Berry is a warm, caring, compassionate person who genuinely wants the best for his clients and his friends. I have known Dennis for about a year through LinkedIn, and he consistently offers positive, thoughtful, relatable messages.
Jesse S. Smith
I have known Dennis for some time now. I have come to know him to be sincere, honest and caring. He has the ability to crystallize ideas and to speak his mind with clarity and conviction. He knows how to bring out the best in you.
Joseph Irving
Dennis is so knowledgeable in his space, an hour with him provided me with so much value and clear direction for my business. He was able to provide guidance that was actionable and that I could implement right away.
Yadira Santana
After being inspired by Dennis' posts and podcasts, it was a humbling honor to finally meet him in a from-coach-to-coach sharing session. If you want to master your life by better understanding your past, Dennis is the go-to-person.
Alexander Trost
I have been following Dennis Berry for a while on LinkedIn and find his posts very inspirational and enlightening. So, it was a pleasure to speak with him and talk about all things business and LinkedIn. He is a kind and generous human
Laura Rochelle

What you will learn in this course


Perfect Business Plan


Choosing Subniche


Personal Branding


Building Audience


Social Media Optimization


Basic Content Writing


Basic Website Build & SEO


Build Your Newsletter

Content Breakdown

Build your business from “idea” to “sale ready” … FAST!!!

A clear business plan is vital to develop effective systems and processes for success. We will build a very concise business plan with a customizable template here.

Personal Branding is vital for success! We’ll break it all down here.

Our personal brand goes far beyond just a logo and products/services. Our brand is our values and ideals, our voice, and our message. We’ll begin to define that here.

Social Media Marketing

There are 5 billion active monthly social media users. 95% of them are consumers and only 5% are creators. We will learn how to become a creator so you can build your audience and empire.

Copywriting and Content Writing 101

The average person is scrolling through 100 meters of content per day. We only have 1 second to capture their attention with our content. We’ll cover copywriting basics of writing scroll stopping content.