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“The riches are in the niches!”

Our niche, or sub-niche, is probably the most important piece of our business to really “nail down” before we start investing time and resources into it.

There is a saying in the marketing world… 

“If you’re marketing to everybody, you are marketing to nobody.”

We need to be very targeted and specific in our marketing efforts.

Our tendency is to get excited and want to market to every single person who has money to spend, but we will be seen by none of them if we are not marketing specifically to some of them ONLY.

Eventually, we can expand and reach a broader audience once we’re established and do that strategically, but not to start.

A way I like to explain it is to use hashtags…

Everybody knows about hashtags… Let’s use Instagram for example.

If you look up #Love, you’ll see there are 2 billion posts with #love.

So, who do you think gets seen with #love on their post?

Ariana Grande, Christiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston, Pitbull, Taylor Swift?


Because they have millions of followers.

So anything they post will be seen first, followed by other high-volume influencers.

Our posts as “little people” will not be seen by anybody… ZERO!

But, if you “sub-niche” it down to something like #lovesanfrancisco, there are only 1200 posts, so you will very likely be seen by at least 100 or more people… maybe even 500.

And out of those, maybe you’ll make connections with 10 or 20… and maybe even get 1-2 sales eventually?

So, because we were targeting, we were seen.

Would you rather be seen by ZERO of the 2 billion?

Or 100 of the 1200?

Make sense now?

It is the same with business in general.

So, how do we do that? 


Here is the high-level overview formula:

What is your passion?


What do you love to do most inside that passion?

Weight Loss

Who can I help with that?

Middle aged moms who want to lose weight.

What problem do people doing that have?

They need to lose weight but don’t have time.

How can you help people solve that problem?

I help middledaged moms lose 30 pounds fast

High Level Formula
You are the expert

The other advantage to being defined by a sub-niche is that you are THE expert go-to specialist in that field.

If a middle-aged woman who wants to lose 30 pounds fast and sees a gym that just says “get fit”

OR she sees YOU who says

“I help middle aged women lose 30 pounds fast…”

Who do you think she is going to call?

AND, you can charge more because you are now a specialist in that field.

You are providing more specialized value.

Examples of specialists:

A general dentist routine cleaning for $100


A periodontist deep bone and gum cleaning for $500.

A general family doctor for migraines for $100


A neurologist for a brain analysis for $2000

Define yourself in your niche, and you become a high-value specialist.

A fitness trainer for $60/hour


A weight-loss specialist who helps middle aged moms lose 30 pounds in 30 days for $2000

Niche graphic

This chart above is excellent for depicting the power and value of niches.

A vague global undefined niche might get many millions of visits, but has a very low conversion rate.

A brand with a tighter niche will get less visits, but have a better conversion rate.

A brand with a specific targeted micro niche will get very few visits, but has a very high conversion rate.

This is also the perfect formula for “working smarter, not harder.”

Make sense?

Once you decide on your specific sub-niche, you’ll know where your target avatar is and then you’ll want to go there.

If your avatar is primarily on LinkedIn, you’ll want to create a content marketing strategy to reach them daily.

If it is on TikTok, you’ll want to create daily videos on there to reach your target audience. 

Then, you’ll want to capture their email/info at some point and try to get them to your website.

Then, you’ll probably want a newsletter to continue to engage with them OFF of social media.

Then, ultimately, turn them into paying clients.

The SOS Sales/Marketing Funnel:

  • Build your audience by being specific.

  • Build trust with them over time.

  • Get them over to your website.

  • Continue to engage with them.

  • Turn them into clients.

If you’re having trouble figuring out this formula, there are a few ways I can help you:

1. The Solopreneur Operating System Digital Course (HERE)

2. 1-1 Coaching and Marketing Services (HERE)

3. The S.O.S Newsletter (HERE)

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