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In this edition of The Friday Entrepreneur, we are going to discuss the best copywriting tips for perfect marketing emails.

Before I start though, please note… These are awesome strategies for really diving deep into crafting a perfect email, BUT at the end of the day, this is the simple formula:

A marketing email is basically a 5-step sales funnel:

  1. Subject line → Open
  2. Open → Headline
  3. Headline → Body tex
  4. Body text → CTA
  5. CTA → Click

We want to keep that formula in mind as we craft our message.

That being said, let’s dive into some badass copywriting strategies which I’ve divided into 3 parts:

  1. Subject Lin
  2. Email Copy
  3. Call To Action (CTA)

Get these down and you will increase your conversion rates and your revenue… guaranteed!

1. Scroll Stopping Badass Subject Line

It all starts with an eye-popping scroll-stopping subject line. Without it, the rest of this doesn’t matter because our email won’t get opened.

It needs to be clear, emotional, and actionable, like asking them to do something, but not necessarily always asking them to do something.

It also needs to be clear about what they might be called to do if they opened the email.

For example, StubHub sent an email saying “Don’t miss The Red Hot Chili Peppers next month!” They could have also said “Buy your tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers NOW!”

Both are actionable and if you like The Chili’s, you’re going to open that email.

Another tip is to evoke emotion with something like “How 7-Figure Businesses Write Their Marketing Emails.”
This is way more effective than “How to Write Marketing Emails.”

See the difference? If you’re a struggling 5-6-Figure business wondering why your email marketing campaigns aren’t working, you are going to open that email to see how to become a 7-figure business.

The best way to evoke emotion is with life’s biggest stressors… usually FINANCE, ROMANCE and HEALTH. If you can strike a chord with one of those, you’re more likely to be seen.

The last thing to mention when talking about badass subject lines is to make it personal whenever possible. Did you know… studies say that 60% of opened emails are segmented and targeted. Generalized emails have MUCH lower open/response rates. For example, if you’re a job recruiter, you wouldn’t send a real estate company email to a web developer or marketing executive. Make sense?

2. Badass Email Copy

We’re not just writing pretty words here, it needs to easily connect all the dots and keep the reader engaged because we have only 1-2 seconds before they decide whether to continue reading or not.

Now, we really need to tie in the action and emotion from the subject line with the body of the email. If we have two separate vibes, they are gone quickly… or at least they won’t take the action you’d like later on in the process.

So, we want to capture them with something compelling like “If you want to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers next month, you better act quickly because there are limited seats available. Don’t miss out!”

Now, they are checking their calendars to see if they can go and if they have enough money in their bank account so they can buy the tickets before they sell out.

You also want to have a Red Hot Chili Peppers logo there, which is perfect because it is red, which evokes more fire and emotion.

This is all science and psychology. It’s fun stuff!

Now, we keep them moving down the page with more ways that taking the action you want them to take is going to radically transform their lives OR the lives of THEIR potential clients/customers.

Does that make sense? Please pay attention to that.

The goal, at least in a B2B setting, isn’t always necessarily to solve THEIR problem. It is how you can solve THEIR CUSTOMER’S problems, which will bring THEM more customers and ultimately solve their problems.

Hopefully that makes sense. That is more sales psychology!

Next we want to direct the email to how we can help them, rather how they can help us.

This is called writing in “the second person.”

If I am writing how they can help me, it falls on deaf ears. They don’t care. They have problems.

The email should have lots of “you” “your” and “yours” in it rather than “me” “I” and “mine.”

“Thank YOU for registering with StubHub. We look forward to sharing amazing offers for YOU to enjoy your events in the future.”

“YOUR account email is” “As a StubHub customer YOU will get these amazing benefits:” What do people like talking about and hearing about more than anything in the world? Themselves!

So, the more we can do that and keep them engaged during each stage of the process, the more likely they will do business with you.

The last thing I want to mention about the badass email copy, is to use YOUR language. Be brief, be friendly, be personable, even lovable if possible, but speak your language.

If you try to speak somebody else’s language, it will backfire at some point because you want to build your tribe by being authentic, but in a language that they will understand.

If they don’t understand your language and never come back, that’s ok because:

1. Not everybody will love you, and that’s ok.

2. If they do decide to do business with you and then find out you’re not who you represent yourself as, they will leave anyway, which ends up causing difficulty and can actually damage your reputation.

3. Badass Call To Action (CTA)

Now that they’ve read this far, that means you’ve at least piqued their interest so we don’t want to stop there. We need to follow through with a specific call to action.

I’m sure you wrote this email for a reason. What was it? To get them to sign up for a class? To buy a product? To sign up for a newsletter? To “follow” you on social media?

Whatever it is, we want to provide them with a clear concise simple-to-use path to do that. Ideally, we would even want to tell them that in the beginning of the letter too somehow, but more subliminally because we don’t necessarily want to try to “sell” them up front. It might scare them off.

So… to give you an easy template to follow… look at the end of my email here.

I give you a summary with action steps.

Then, I am offering you 4 ways I can help if/when that day ever comes with easy links to click to get there.

Then, to sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already. And, even to share it with a friend who might be interested. Now you know all my tricks. Well, some of them.

Action steps for the week:

1. Start making small changes each day or week. You can’t do it all at once, BUT make a start.

2. If you don’t know what you are doing, hire a developer on fiverr or Upwork for a few bucks. It will pay dividends.

3. Ask your friends/family for reviews/testimonials. It will be well worth the effort.

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