Any of you who have been in a relationship before know how difficult life can be if our marriage or relationships are off balance or struggling.

This series dives into codependency and other harmful relationships issues to help you stay balanced and focused in the love category, so you can stay motivated and successful in your professional life.

If you want to have a peaceful relationship, you have to start fixing the problems within you. Problems may be rooted in our beliefs and behaviours.

Marriage is not marriage without the challenges. Each couple has their unique problems from the other. But whatever the conflict is within the relationship.

Codependency is an interesting topic. We can spend the whole day talking about it and that won’t be enough. Most people who are codependent don’t usually recognise it.

Many people get into a relationship and believe that they and their partner should be together in almost everything and that their partner should always abide by what they want.

Do you always get in a fight with your partner? While arguments are normal in a relationship, fighting is one of the most overlooked problems of couples. 

Our lives as humans were simpler before because we have less things to do and less things that we desire. But as the society progresses, we have become busier.

Forgive and forget is a very common phrase that we all know. It’s a cliche’ that when given proper understanding, will bring miracles to your life.

In love and relationships, problems usually occur because of misunderstanding and impatience rooted from the internal problems of each person.

Being in a relationship is blissful. It gives all the happy feelings in the world. But why is it that as we spend years with our partner, we just accept that it is normal to no longer feel the excitement?

Dennis is a Life Coach for Addiction Recovery and Life Mastery. If you are struggling with any type of addiction like alcohol, food, porn, drugs, or shopping, reach out for help.